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7 Reasons Why You Should Power Wash Your Home OR Business

#1 – Power Washing Prevents Damage.

#2 – Maintenance Saves Money.

#3 – Power Washing Primes Surfaces.

#4 – Protects Your and Your Family’s Health.

#5 – It’s Environmentally Friendly.

#6 – Power Washing Saves Time.

#7 – Restores Curb Appeal Overnight.

#8 – Increase Property Value.

Chapel Hill, Top-Rated Pressure Cleaning Professionals

While it might not hold the same safety or structural risks as mold or graffiti, bird droppings, and spray paint can be among the nastiest and unsightly stains on buildings. Pressure washing helps remove paint and gives your buildings a professional look. Ensuring your facilities maintain a professional and welcoming look can be challenging. You have the outside elements working against you, such as mildew birds, pollution, graffiti, grease, gum, and dirt that can make your Chapel Hill roof, windows, walls, and sidewalks filthy.

On Top of removing the dirt and grime, pressure washing your commercial property can carry an array of benefits.

1) Improve your Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary buildings’ curb appeal. …

2) Prevent repairs. …

3) Clean associated spaces. …

4) Protect against injury and promote health. …

5) Get rid of graffiti.

1. Improve your buildings’ curb appeal

Whether or not your building owner wanting to lease out or sell space, it never hurts to boost the curb appeal. Having your buildings pressure washed by professional cleaners can help improve the value of the structure. It will make the buildings look newer and more appealing. A clean Chapel Hill or Cary building also benefit the businesses in NC inside. Employees and Clients will enjoy the spotless facilities and structures they can be proud to go to. At Gregg Tilley’s, we Clean and Polish in Chapel Hill and pressure clean Cary buildings with Solutions & the right tools to pressure wash various buildings in Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas of North Carolina.


1) Home Exteriors

2) Commercial Buildings

3) Apartment Complexes

4) Concrete / Brick

5) Gutters Roofs

6) Deck Molds Mildew


2. Learn to Prevent repairs

Not only do bird droppings, mold growth, algae, and dirt buildup look unattractive, but they can wear away Chapel Hill buildings, causing rot or further damage. Chapel Hill Cary buildings materials, such as masonry brick, overtime may deteriorate. Regular pressure washing of the roof and gutters can & walls, help lower risks and save the local business owners money in maintenance costs in the long run. Bird droppings For example, are highly acidic and can weaken a commercial property roof or gutter systems, creating a break collapsed roof or. Pressure cleaning preventing buildup with can help reduce the risk of property damage.

3. Pressure Washer Affected Areas

It’s not just the windows, walls, and roof that gains benefits from North Carolina pressure washing; other spaces and property associated with the Cary buildings can be pressure washed as well. The sidewalks and walkways in Chapel Hill or Cary buildings are some of the most popular rooms to be power washed. This can remove garbage and gum stains from regular public use. Loading docks Parking garages, dumpster areas, parking lots, facades, and awnings can also benefit from pressure washing. They’ll improve the employee and client experience in Chapel Hill, Cary buildings and make the Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary buildings themselves look better.

“Parking garages, dumpster areas loading docks, awnings parking lots, facades, and can also all benefit from pressure cleaning.”


4. Protect and promote health

Pressure washing can help make the work environment better for employees in the buildings by eliminating potentially harmful substances. pollen, pollutants, dust, dirt, mildew, algae, and bird droppings can lead to adverse health consequences, such as allergies, or diseases trouble breathing. Chapel Hill Pressure washing removes these fungi and, when cleaned regularly, prevents them from coming back. Pressure cleaning can also help prevent slips and fall accidents – some of the most common workplace accidents. Pressure washing walkways, sidewalks, parking garages, and other surfaces can help eliminate mold grease that can cause an employee to slip and get hurt.

5. Get rid of graffiti

Get rid of these ugly stains, marks, and streaks with pressure washing customized. Polish and Cleaning in areas like Durham and Cary buildings Solutions uses different water pressures and biodegradable detergents water temperatures, as needed for each project to rid your buildings free of stains and dirt safely. On Top of removing the grime and dirt, Chapel Hill pressure washing your commercial property can carry an array of benefits.

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