Power Washing Decks

Now that summer is in full swing and fall is right around the corner, Chapel Hill's business owners are getting ready for warmer weather.

Power Washing Decks

Now that summer is in full swing and fall is right around the corner, Chapel Hill's business owners are getting ready for warmer weather. A deck is a great place to welcome customers and host gatherings, but like all other parts of a building, decks need regular upkeep to stay safe and in good condition. Proper deck maintenance involves cleaning and preparation, and our power washing professionals can provide it. Here, you'll learn some of the benefits of our commercial power washing services.

Fast, Thorough, and Efficient Cleaning

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A job done by the pros at Greg Tilley's Pressure Cleaning is done faster and more efficiently than those done by hand. Our team members know where to stand, how to aim the nozzle, and which detergents to use. While soap, water, and a scrub brush may do the job, they might not yield the desired result. Avoid the hassle, expense, and risks of manual cleaning by scheduling a deck power washing appointment today.

Besides sports, Chapel Hill is also famous for its dining options. Many local restaurants offer deck seating so patrons can enjoy the sunny Chapel Hill weather.

Eliminating Debris, Dirt, and Dust

The primary purpose of power washing decks is to remove buildup from hard surfaces, and we’ll do the job right. The heat and friction created by the pressurized mixture of detergent and water loosen caked-on grime and washes it away. Contact us to learn how we can restore your building’s deck to its former appearance while keeping it free of safety and health risks.

Stopping Mildew and Mold Before it Takes Hold

Dirt and dust shouldn’t be the only worry when cleaning a deck. Those made of wood are more susceptible to the growth of mildew and mold, especially in high moisture areas. Manual cleanings won’t do much to remove fungal growth, but proper power washing surely will. With our commercial power washing, business owners in Chapel Hill can protect their decks from wood rot and other serious issues.

Maintaining Hygiene and Safety

When you own a business, the safety and health of customers, visitors, and employees is a top priority. Power washing destroys harmful germs that may lead to health problems, and it also removes built-up impurities that cause allergic reactions and affect air quality. Professional power washing doesn't just remove contamination, it keeps it from coming back.

Laying the Foundation for a Successful Stain or Paint Application

Power washing is a requirement for a smooth and easy stain or paint application. Without thorough prep, these products won’t stick to or soak into the underlying wood. In simple terms, a clean surface ensures a long-lasting, durable result, and pressure washing makes it easy to accomplish that goal.

Prolonging the Life of Wooden Decks

As we mentioned earlier, power washing is a crucial component of a deck maintenance program. While wood is a sturdy and tough material, it’s also porous, which makes it susceptible to sunlight, moisture, pest infestation, temperature shifts, and other environmental factors.

If a commercial deck must stand up to years of use and elemental exposure, the building owner must manage these risks and prevent small problems from turning into big and expensive ones. A dirty, unkept deck may conceal a multitude of issues while creating others. With yearly power washing, however, Chapel Hill’s business owners can protect their decks and detect issues like cracks, wood rot, and mold growth before they put the entire structure at risk.

Boosting Curb Appeal and Resale Value

Your deck is part of the building, so anything done to enhance its stability and aesthetics will increase the property’s value. While you may not be considering a sale anytime soon, the more the building is worth, the better off you’ll be. The more thoroughly a deck is maintained, the easier it is to preserve its value. Working with our power washing experts is an investment that provides future returns.

Working Toward Sustainability

When business owners clean their own decks, they typically end up using more water and detergent than necessary, which has to go somewhere. That’s not an issue when you work with us. Our crew members are trained to conserve and reuse water, which helps businesses become more sustainable.

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This summer, take the time to clean your building’s deck properly. Whether you’re looking to remove last season’s dirt and grime or getting ready to renovate the deck, power washing is an important step. Along with our deck cleaning services, we also clean and maintain parking lots, stadiums, porches, awnings, gutters, roofs, and much more. Click for additional information or call today to schedule a no-obligation estimate with one of our power washing experts.

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