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Power Washing Parking Lots

Sports fans in Chapel Hill know there's no better way to spend a few hours of time than to catch a local game. Whether they're Tar Heels fans heading to Kenan Memorial Stadium or college sports lovers watching athletes play in Dean Dome, visitors to the area's stadiums deserve to have a great time. Stadium power washing services can help to keep courts and seating clean and hygienic, creating a more positive experience for everyone.

Power Washing vs. Pressure Cleaning

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While many people use the terms power washing and pressure cleaning interchangeably, they are different. While both clean using high-pressure water, pressure washing includes an element that heats the water, while pressure cleaning doesn't. Pressure washing experts can remove a wide range of substances, such as:

Expert Cleaning Is Smart Business ​

Per Wealth Management.com, maintaining a parking lot is a financially sound decision. Experts estimate that a typical lifespan is 30 to 40 years, assuming significant rehabilitation within 17 to 22 years. Professionally maintained surfaces endure the longest. The key to maximizing surface life is good design, careful building, and maintenance. Routine cleaning is an essential part of maintenance.

A Clean Parking Lot Makes a Great First Impression ​

For most businesses, the key to getting and keeping customers is making an excellent first impression, and that can’t happen if the first thing they see is a grimy parking lot. According to Alliance Insurance, when customers drive into an unkempt parking area, they are unsure that the business is credible.

A poorly maintained parking lot can also make it difficult to locate buyers for a business. While companies must attend to issues such as repairing potholes and repainting, routine professional pressure washing also plays a big part in keeping parking areas pristine and appealing.

Expert pressure washing keeps surfaces safe for customers, workers, tenants, and vehicles. Technicians can remove unsightly materials like oil that could cause dangerous slip-and-fall accidents. That’s important to avoid litigation that could keep a business in court for years.

Pressure Washing Is Eco-Friendly

When businesses allow chemicals, dirt, and oil to remain on parking lots, they contribute to toxic runoff that impacts local water quality. During expert pressure washing, technicians remove these and many other pollutants quickly and safely.  The process ensures pollutants do not contaminate area rivers and streams. Professional pressure washing is also earth-friendly because it uses only water and gentle cleaning solvents.

Business Owners Have Peace of Mind

Running a business involves dozens of daily decisions and includes a lot of worries. Expert pressure washing can eliminate some of those concerns. 

Even if businesses sweep their parking areas daily, they only eliminate litter and surface debris. It takes deep cleaning to get rid of ground-in dirt and other materials. When owners arrange for routine pressure washing, they can focus on other business needs, knowing that parking surfaces are clean, safe, and appealing. 

Since a professionally cleaned lot lasts longer, business owners also avoid the cost of replacing surfaces for years. They save time, effort, and the cost of renting equipment. They also have peace of mind knowing that pressuring washing experts are covered by liability insurance.

Business parking lots must be properly maintained to make a good impression on customers and ensure safe surfaces. Expert pressure cleaning keeps parking areas in good condition. Experienced pressure cleaners are efficient, use eco-friendly practices, and can remove any materials from surfaces.

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