How Pressure Washing Can Help Rid You Of Mold on Outdoor Surfaces


How Pressure Washing Can Help Rid You Of Mold on Outdoor Surfaces

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A well-maintained home draws the eye in a positive way. A poorly kept building does the same, but not for the right reasons. Mold and mildew remain a concern of any property owner, as the growth of these substances detracts from the building’s appearance. Regardless of how clean an owner keeps their home or business, if any mold or mildew is present, the building doesn’t look clean. Fortunately, help is available in the form of pressure washing. 

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing involves the use of a high-pressure water spray to help with mildew and mold removal along with dirt, grime, old paint, and more from a surface. The pressure washer comes with jets located on a rotating bar. When water flows through the machine, the rotating bar swivels. This movement results in a uniform cleaning pattern that cleans surfaces rapidly. Countless residential cleaning companies recommend this service to their customers. Why would they do so? 

The Benefits of Pressure Washing

Property owners pressure wash buildings for a variety of reasons. This process helps to preserve the value of the property by removing any contaminants that could harm the exterior finish. Furthermore, pressure washing improves the aesthetic appeal of the home or business and may benefit other surfaces as well. 

Mold and mildew are allergens that can be harmful to human health. Occupants of a building or those in proximity to items covered in either mold or mildew may find they cough and sneeze frequently. Some people complain of watery eyes and other allergy symptoms. Pressure washing services remove these allergens so everyone can breathe easier. 

Finally, pressure washing helps to prepare a surface before the owner paints, refinishes, or alters it in another way. The spray reaches areas that would otherwise remain untouched, such as cracks and crevices. This ensures all areas of the surface are prepared for renovation. 

Why Call the Pros? 

Property owners might try to address the mold and mildew on their own using cleaning solutions. However, these solutions only address the cosmetic appearance of the surface. They fail to stop the mold growth, so the problem quickly reoccurs. This isn’t a concern when a reputable pressure washing business is used. 

Pressure washers accept different nozzles based on the surface to be cleaned and the amount of pressure required. The average person often lacks the knowledge to know which nozzle to use in different situations. This is important as the nozzle plays a role in the flow and velocity of the water stream. The wrong nozzle could lead to an injury to the person operating the machine. 

For example, a particular type of nozzle covers a specific area. Improper use of the nozzle could lead to an injury to the user or damage to the surface being cleaned. When choosing a company for this task, ensure the employees have the proper training to reduce the risk of this happening. 

Furthermore, improper use of a power washer could damage the surface. For example, a person may leave the spray in one area too long and damage the material. The user must know what pressure to use, which nozzle is appropriate, how far to keep the sprayer from the building, and more. Property owners wish to protect their assets, which is why they are pressure washing them. Protect the property more effectively by leaving this task to the pros. 

Would Power Washing Be a Better Option?

Customers often ask if their surface would benefit from power washing, as some people assume power and pressure washing are the same thing. Power washers use extremely hot water combined with high pressure to remove contaminants from outdoor surfaces. While both methods use water to clean a surface, the main difference is the temperature of the water. 

Pressure washing effectively deals with mold and mildew while reducing the risk of damage to the surface resulting from high water temperatures. For this reason, a person should choose pressure washing over power washing when removing these substances from their outdoor surface. Speak to the pressure washing provider to learn which surfaces benefit from pressure washing and which require power washing. They should be able to explain each technique and why it is or isn’t appropriate for a particular cleaning project. 

Don’t attempt to pressure wash outdoor surfaces without professional guidance. People who do so often find they spend more money in the long run. Not only do they have to pay someone to pressure wash the desired surface after they have already done this work, but they must also pay for any repairs that are necessary as a result of their mistakes. Taking the DIY approach just isn’t worth the risk. 

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