Benefits Of Roof And Gutter Cleaning​


Benefits Of Roof And Gutter Cleaning

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Keeping a building both structurally safe and energy efficient includes having a solid, clean roof and gutter system. Gutters are responsible for effectively draining water off a home during a storm and directing it away from the foundation. Gutters protect these areas and can help prevent costly water damage. If obstacles block the gutters, they will not drain correctly.

Gutters and roofs should be cleaned twice a year to keep them working properly. Greg Tilley’s Pressure Cleaning is a locally owned pressure treating company serving the Triangle areas. We strive to provide our customers with outstanding service, and we provide a 100% money-back guarantee on all of our services. Below are just a few of the benefits of roof and gutter cleaning.

Prevent Home Damage

Of course, one of the most important reasons to clean gutters is to prevent water damage to the structure and foundation of a home or other buildings. Water that does not drain effectively will seep into buildings and cause water damage to interior walls and ceilings. Water that doesn’t drain away from the house properly can cause damage to the foundation and basement floor.

Improve Home Aesthetic & Protect Landscaping

Professionally cleaning gutters greatly increases the value of a home by increasing its curb appeal. Also, when water doesn’t drain properly, it can pour onto existing landscaping, ruining mulch beds and beautiful shrubbery. A home’s landscaping is also key to its value and curb appeal. Don’t let water flow off course and cause you to put more money into landscaping each year.

Prevent Nesting

Because gutters are a gathering place for moss, algae, sticks, and twigs, many animals make their homes in gutters and on roofs. This is not good for a home. Rodents, bugs, and other animals also carry germs and diseases. Removing the debris from gutters also displaces the animals and forces them to find a home elsewhere.

Health and Safety

Gutter cleaning provides safety and health for its occupants, whether the building is a home or a business. Proper gutter cleaning eliminates bacteria, pests, and contaminants. It also reduces the growth of mildew and mold, which can be extremely harmful. Water must also drain effectively to prevent contamination of groundwater supplies.

Increase Lifespan of Gutters and Roof

Gutters that go uncleaned can get clogged with debris and end up heavier than they should be. They can break away from the house, causing damage to both the gutter and the home. The life of a gutter system can also be shortened by decaying organic matter left in them. Debris in gutters can also cause rust and corrosion, thus shortening their lifespan.

Cleaning gutters also protects and extends the life of a roof. Clogged gutters trap moisture, debris, and ice, and can cause those gutters to become heavy and sag. This, in turn, puts stress on a roof since the water cannot drain properly. When water doesn’t drain, it can freeze and cause costly roof leaks.

Protect the Interior

Roof cleaning will protect the interior of a home or building from the results of harsh weather conditions. Many elements can threaten a roof’s integrity and cause it to break down quickly. It is important to clean roofing materials. Moss and algae left on a roof for too long will begin to break down the shingles. Dirt and grime can also cause shingles to break away from a roof deck, leaving parts of a home or building exposed. Over time, this can cause leaks and lead to water damage in a home.

Protect the Foundation

Water that doesn’t drain well can pool around the foundation of a home. This water can crack a home’s foundation when it freezes and expands in the winter. Proper cleaning of gutters will keep the water moving away from the home.

Save Money

Although it may seem expensive to keep roofs and gutters clean, the cost of maintenance is far less than making repairs or replacing gutters and roofing materials prematurely. Removing dirt and grime on a roof can help keep it from wearing, and thus make roof repairs much less necessary.

Keeping a roof and gutter system clean will also help save money on insurance premiums. Insurance companies often determine rates based on how well a property is maintained. Neglecting gutters and the roof can cause you to pay more on insurance than it would cost to clean and maintain them.

For over 25 years, Greg Tilley Pressure Cleaning has been helping homeowners, all types of business owners. and property managers in Chapel Hill with the proper maintenance of homes and buildings, including regular cleaning of roofs, gutters, and decks. We are a locally owned and operated business and are committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers.